Majinai as I see it

I cannot say I know about maginai enough to speak authoritatively on it.It comes from my ancestral culture of Japan.What little I experienced as a child may seem trite. But here it is.As a child when I hiccups, my mother would say, let me give you some maginai.She would get a glass of water, make a symbol over it in the air with her index finger whilst saying some words.I would stop having the hiccups, and any wag would say, well the glass of water would have sufficed. In my child mind however this mysterious ritual went far in getting the hiccups to stop.

Maginai is a Japanese word meaning charm, incantation,spell or magic formula.

My childhood is full of these small rituals, passed down through the culture, at New Years we would make a small stack of rice cakes for all the automobiles topped with a  clementine. This was to insure auto safety. No matter how dried out or moldy it got after 2 weeks, it could not be discarded, it was soaked and peeled like a piece of expensive cheese and either consumed or fed to wildlife.

There is also the teru bozu or a small ghost like assemblage of a square of white cloth, a cotton ball for the head, and a string around its neck. Of course a happy face is painted on for style.Then the incantation, translated “teru bozu, please make the weather fair tomorrow”. A weather charm, for when its just got to be sunny.

Now maginai has made its way into western culture through video games and other media.We see lucky cats in stores, and other paraphernalia.This is what I believe maginai is. Its a wish that is embedded into a physical object so that the bearer of said object will gain benefit. Any object or phrase that holds the intention of well wishes for another could be considered as such. So what will you create and for whom?






Modern day Mage

My belief is that we live in a magical Universe. There is no separation and everything is connected. If we just take this at face value what could it mean to us? Well for starters, being connected to everything could mean we contribute to the whole of the Universe with every thought, word and deed.It then would follow, what exactly are we contributing? If we are deductive, we react to the world we believe is around us, either resisting or accepting.We have an idea of what reality is, never really questioning if what we are seeing is a set reality and if everyone around us is experiencing that same reality.Then there is another way, the premise that the world we see is a product of our own inner world. This a question I have looked into and all my experience tells me that I am projecting the flavor and nuance of this world.